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Welcome to the Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce

Our Friendly, Family-Oriented Town Welcomes You


The Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce is an active and vibrant part of our small community. We are committed to and advocate for our member businesses. We work with governmental and other non-governmental entities to enhance the future and well-being of the citizens of Colonial Beach. We educate ourselves and our community on issues related to tourism, public policy and economics to enhance our efficiency and effectiveness.

We are grateful to live in the “Playground on the Potomac”; therefore we strive to create an environment that will honor our watermen ancestry and foster fiscal security for our families now and in the future.


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12 hours ago

Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce

We are very proud of our staff! They all represent Denson's well!
Our Serving Staff is very conscientious, polite and well mannered. You can always expect a smile from them. And they will always go out of their way to help our guests.
And serving tables at Denson's is not their full time employment. We have a Senior at VCU, A Dental Consultant, an Aspiring Artist, and a Full Time Elementary Teacher.
Do they make mistakes and maybe forget to enter part of an order at times? Yep, they do. Fortunately, 99% of our guests are understanding and very forgiving when a 'Faux Pas' is made. And we thank you for that.
Why are we posting this? Rocky and Blaire had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious lunch at a nearby restaurant recently. The server was polite, very pleasant, smiling and efficient. At a nearby table, we observed a guest make a couple of unkind comments to her that she really did not ever deserve. Servers do not intentionally make mistakes, and at times their plate (No Pun Intended) is very full, especially when a lot of folks sit at the same time. They try to make things perfect and sometimes it does not happen.
Thank you for your kindness to ALL that serve in the Food, Drink, and Hospitality industry! They truly deserve it!
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The Playground on the Potomac


On behalf of the Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce, we welcome you to our waterfront town. This website is your passport to explore and become a part of all of the wonderful things that make Colonial Beach a unique and relaxing community.

The Chamber of Commerce represents over 160 businesses and organizations from retail, service, real estate, marinas, hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, art galleries, antique shops, and professional services that cater to their customers on a first name basis. The Chamber’s year round events calendar is made possible by businesses and residents who volunteer their time and effort to celebrate the beauty of our surroundings as the second largest public beach in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The bounty of our good fortunes includes a school system that is fully accredited by The Virginia Department of Education. Our Police Department is also fully accredited by the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission. Situated in historic Westmoreland County, Colonial Beach, Virginia has something to offer everyone. If you visit us once, you will return time and time again.

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Carey Geddes

President, Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce

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Colonial Beach
Chamber of Commerce


106 Hawthorn St.
Colonial Beach, VA 22443

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