Colonial Beach Junior Rescue Squad: Playing Santa for someone sick!

PLAYING SANTA FOR SOMEONE SICK: Members of Colonial Beach Junior Rescue Squad met recently to create get-well cards for a young man who is ill and requested cards from Virginia rescue squads, police departments and EMS/EMT providers for a Christmas gift. “We wanted to bring some holiday cheer to this person by granting his unique request,” said Amber McKenzie, a former Junior squad member and now …

an advisor to the Juniors from her position on the senior team for Colonial Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad. Junior squad members are ages 15-18 and the Cadet members are ages 8-14. Standing is CBVRS member Alex Nance, along with (clockwise) Brady Melson, Mackenzie Melson, Parker Melson and David Dudley. Also participating in this project were David and Kelly Lempke and Kim Melson.

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