Rockfish Tournment winner Robert Wurm wins with a 34 pound Rockfish!

The results are in for the 18th annual Rockfish Tournament!

Men’s Division

1st Place- Robert Wurm-34.6 pounds

2nd Place-George Hall-26.35 pounds

3rd Place- Rick Garrison- 24.15 pounds

4th Place-Dave Chatham- 17.20 pounds

5th Place- Alvin ” Frog” Auringer- 16.70 pounds


 Ladies Division

1st place- Amanda Wurm- 10.75 pounds

2nd Place- Deborah Hobbs- 9.45 pounds

3rd Place- Michelle Johnson-5.70 pounds


Youth Division


1st place- Aaron Bassie ( 13)-9.65 pounds

2nd Place- Luke Mooney( 11)- 7.55 pounds

3rd place- James Harrison Jr. (6)- 7.45 pounds


1st Place-James Harrsion Jr.(6)- 10.10 pounds

2nd Place-Larry White (12)- 8.20 pounds

3rd Place- Luke Mooney(11)-7.85 pounds

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