A Weekend of Adventure in Colonial Beach
Let’s get moving!  #CrushFriday

Bald Eagle
Caledon State Park
Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of city or suburban life, you head to Colonial Beach for a long weekend.
On the way to the beach on Friday, you and your friends stop at Caledon State park for a morning of  eagle and wildlife watching.  Hiking and biking the miles of trails through the hardwood forest and marshlands tops off the afternoon. Evening finds you paddling into the primitive campground for some over-the-fire cooking and star gazing.

Arriving in Colonial Beach first thing Saturday morning, you check into your reserved campground. You have already planned  a fishing excursion with Reel M N Fishing Charters.   There is nothing quite like spending the day with friends, in the warm sun and the salty water!  After a day catching fish you have another type of adventure in mind.  Considering a gambling adventure?  We think so!  Spend the evening at our waterfront restaurant offering off-track betting, Keno, and Virginia and Maryland lottery. Enjoy dinner on the extensive deck extending out over the Potomac River.

Create your own Adventure!
Beach Cruiser Bicycle
Sunday morning after breakfast from a diner-style restaurant, grab your bicycle and explore the town.  You will have incredible water views and nature sightings including many bird species such as osprey, swans and egrets. Don’t forget to stop by the Boardwalk for a photo op with the unique LOVEWORKS display!   Your adventure is almost over, but leave time for a stop at Westmoreland State Park on the way out of town.  You can go hunting for shark’s teeth and have an afternoon of kayaking on the Potomac. Back at work Monday morning, you will have your adventure weekend memories and keepsakes to keep you going till your next visit!

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Colonial Beach
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