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Growing the business base of Colonial Beach!

Mission Statement

The Town of Colonial Beach Economic Development Committee works proactively and collaboratively to grow the business base of Colonial Beach. The EDC promotes encourages and facilitates the development of responsible and properly planned residential and commercial growth. The goal of this growth is to strengthen the local economy and diversify the Town’s tax base in order to give residents more opportunities to live, work and thrive in an economically focused and financially stable Town.


We are dedicated to creating a more vibrant and thriving community by:

  • Encouraging the economic well-being and expansion of existing commercial businesses located within the Town

  • Leading a collaborative effort by serving as a conduit between organizations with interests improving the economic strength of Colonial Beach and the Region. Some of these organizations will be: Town government, Westmoreland County, the Northern Neck Planning Commission, Downtown Colonial Beach, Planning Commission, Tourism, and the Colonial Beach Community Foundation

  • Responsibly assisting in developing properties within the Town in an effort to improve the aesthetics of the Town and providing additional sources of revenue

  • Developing and implementing a plan to proactively recruit new businesses and developers to invest in Colonial Beach, thus expanding the tax base

  • Reviewing Town ordinances, policies and practices related to economic growth and making recommendations that will make Colonial Beach a “business friendly” Town.

  • Evaluate opportunities to enlarge the town’s footprint to enhance economic growth

  • Coordinate our efforts with the new Comprehensive Plan for the Town

  • Coordinate with Westmoreland County Planning Commission and discuss annexation opportunities

Michael Fitzpatrick

Michael J. Fitzpatrick
Chairman, Economic Development Committee



Initial Focus

  • Tap into the talent and connections of the committee members to insure the success of the current and future development activities in Colonial Beach
  • Help recruit new businesses to CB to complement the development activities
  • Investigate Town/County/State/National incentives to assist new businesses
  • Pursue reinstatement of Colonial Beach as a HUB Zone
  • Coordinate with the Town Government, Community Foundation, DCB and Tourism to insure strategic alignment…all working towards the same goals with the same messaging
  • Identify and target new needed businesses such as Medical, entertainment, hospitality, food and beverage etc.
  • Provide education and support for new businesses
  • Put the elements in place to make Colonial Beach a “Business Friendly Town”!


Members of the EDC

Recruiting Objectives:

  • Experienced business executives with reach beyond Colonial Beach
  • Strong vested interest in the success of our Town
  • Represent multiple business disciplines and bring multiple talents
  • Willing and able to devote the time and energy to the committee


Committee Members

  • Joseph Kelly: CPA, former COO and President Royco (Commercial Real Estate), Consultant
  • Cathy Bokman: Government Contractor, Hospitality Industry (Choice Hotels, Marriott International)
  • Kelly Vaughn: Owner Riverview Inn, Executive Assistant Building People, INOVA Business Development
  • Suri Sarab: Owner Riverboat, 7-Eleven, Suds, and multiple businesses in Maryland, Entrepreneur
  • Douglas Cooper: Executive Wealth Manager for Raymond James, Extensive high net worth network, deep history and ties to Colonial Beach
  • Duke Dodson: Dodson Property Management LLC
  • Michael Fitzpatrick: Biotechnology Commercial Business Executive, 20 year business owner in Colonial Beach


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